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Ernest Chrappah – IATR 2017 Regulator of the Year

Our very own director of the DFHV has won the regulator of the year award. Ernest Chrappah has become the first ever director of the DFHV, Washington D.C. to win this award. We have shared a link below which shows and details some of the things the director was able to do in his very short time here. He has brought a very successful electric car program that has given the chance to over 150 proud owners to help their city. He has helped shaped the way of the future and lead the for hire industry towards the future. Ernest has proven himself time and time again to be a visionary and truly a complete leader. We DC Drivers are extremely proud of the big win he has brought our city and look forward to working with him to help develop and shape the industry even further. By the looks of it, he surely will not be stopping here and there will be more and more innovation to come. With an industry in decline not only do we welcome it, it is much needed and even moreso appreciated. Our Congratulations to you sir, thank you for your honorable service and please do keep up the great work. You set a vigorous pace, no doubt, but it is that pace which has put in you the front.

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The DTS Deadline is fast approaching….

As the DTS deadline fast approaches we have received lots of questions for curious drivers, what is the bay cab difference?? This question has been asked everyday now from many drivers and it is a very good question. So lets start with the obvious,

1. We pay drivers everyday.
So yes, by regulation all DTS’ are supposed to pay the drivers everyday, but you might be surprised. More drivers do not get paid everyday then there are that get paid everyday. Now by everyday, Saturday and Sunday the banks are officially closed therefore we can not provide payments on the days that the banking institutions do not operate. As a driver expect no less then to get paid every business day of the week. This means, Monday through Friday.

2. We are driver oriented.
Again, another very important featured which has been overlooked. As a driver oriented DTS we highly respect our customers and we essentially live off of the value feedback given to us by our customers. For example, as a DTS customer you should take a look at the transactional receipts. In the beginning what we offered looked nothing like it looks today. Thanks to the great drivers who has given us priceless feedback we believe that we are the most transparent DTS in the city. This means that you as a valued customer can take pleasure in knowing that you get what you work for and our software does not magically error in our favor at anytime.

3. Flexibility.
We are a driver first company therefore we develop our solutions based on what each and every drivers needs individually. That means if you would like to get paid once a week, we have that option. Though most drivers choose to get paid everyday, which we recommend. IF you would like to receive check we can also customize that for you. At anytime we can guarantee at Bay Cab we will never issue you a bad check. Some drivers have had bad experiences with other payment providers before, but rest assured we are highly organized and will never give you a bounced check.

4. Future oriented.
At Bay Cab DTS we are always geared to what will be coming so that we can best prepare our drivers. We have launched an initiative to be leading the way in technology to help increase the number of trips available for drivers in our city. This means apps this mean creative ways to also reduce you cost as a driver. We believe by reducing your costs as a driver and increasing your earning we will give you the advantage you need to be able to have a great income all while reducing the amount of stress that comes with the job. We encourage you to come visit Bay Cab in person to learn of the difference that we offer you as a diver.

DC Taxi Drivers are Saving Big Bucks on Gas with UPSIDE APP

Save up to 25 Cents per gallon at over 500 stations just in the DC,MD,VA area with a great new app called UPSIDE. There is surely an upside to saving a bunch of money on gas. in the taxi business costs are one of the biggest obstacles we as taxi drivers have. Any small way to save us big money on Gas is Welcomed. We have announced that Bay Cab has made a deal with a gas saving application called UPSIDE. All you have to do is download the app and start saving today!!!. There is absolutely no strings attached. Remember the bay cab way, there will never be any tricks in the thing’s we promote to help the taxi drivers. Download the APP every time you go to a selected gas station just take a picture of the receipt on your phone and the savings will be directly deposited in your bank account. that’s it, nice and easy. You can use the app as much as you want including friends and family there are no limits on savings. In our next post about upside we will show you more ways to save money and make a little extra on the side.

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The Industry waits with anticipation to see what the new Cruising Lights will look like!!!

As the deadline for approved light suppliers near, the industry is waiting for the news to see which companies have been selected to supply the taxis with new cruising lights. Once the cruising light providers are selected, any driver or company  bringing a new vehicle into the system will then have to outfit the new taxi with a new cruising light. Not to worry for those who have taxis with plenty of years left on them, you will be able to keep your current dome light for as long as the taxi is able to stay on the road. Once you replace the taxi, you will then need to replace the light.

DTS Deadline has been extended until October 31st 2017

The deadline to install the all new dts system in Washington D.C. has now been extended by about 60 days until October 31st 2017. Now even-though there is a deadline, this does not mean that drivers should wait. For sure looking at the cost every DTS in the city should be less expensive then the previous systems were. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities you have as a driver and get your new DTS from Bay Cab today. You can call or go online to schedule an install. Remember you can always just stop by one of our installation locations and get installed there on the spot. Drivers are number 1 and will never have to experience long long lines and inadequate service. At bay cab we will always provide you the driver with world class customer service so do not hesitate to stop by, we would love to see you.

Bay Cab Has been selected as one of the Premiere DTS Providers in Washington D.C.

As of March 31st Bay Cab applied to become one of the District’s first DTS for taxicabs. It was a long and vigorous process. At the end We were selected. We would like to say a special thanks to those amazing drivers who took part of our pilot program for the last four months. You ladies and gentlemen are awesome, for several months you helped us with testing and great feedback. With your help we were able to develop an amazing system that thousands of drivers will now be able to benefit from. This was a team effort. From the Owner, to the manager and drivers. We would also like to thank the companies who have partnered with us and believe in our vision to make the city a better place for taxi drivers. We could not have done it without you. With the help of almost 20 different taxi cab companies we will provide the best DTS service to the most deserving drivers. They have been waiting for something to help them while the industry continues to decline. We have just what they are looking for. While some companies are focusing on providing credit card solutions we as a team are looking further beyond that at the big picture, to not just provide Card payment solutions, but to actually embrace the digital aspects of taxi and getting more and more trips for drivers. We have been working on a next generation application to bring drivers business and lots of it for free. That’s right, we will be offering drivers a next generation application to get trips and not only will it be free we will be paying the drivers to use the app. We are looking forward to rewarding drivers for their hard work. Now is the time to unify and come together as an industry and take back our business.

-Bay Cab and the almost 20 other companies working together.!