The Online Home for Taxi Drivers in D.C. has finally arrived.

This is a brand new site for taxi drivers in Washington D.C. This website is sponsored and supported by the industry. We have support from several taxi companies and the Teamsters. We have simply put together a website so that drivers can find the right information for whatever their questions are. Since this is a new site you the driver need to email us and tell us what your questions are. We will answer your questions by the very next day. We will have a lot changing on the site everyday so we ask that you visit us everyday and see what new questions or answers have been posted as well as new industry promotions and offers.

Digital Taxi Solutions

Bay Cab DTS, is the most transparent customer service oriented Digital Taxi Solution in the District. Bay Cab focuses on world class customer service and some of the best pricing in the industry. Bay Cab offers a complete package for just $13 a week. That's everything included. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Get paid 5 Days a week!
  • Credit Cards processing fees at 2.75%
  • Daily emails with a complete summary of all transactions
  • 24/7 customer support line for any issues.
  • All for less than $2 a day!

When Choosing a DTS be sure to understand it is an extremely important decision. You should not go with whoever is most easy or the cheapest one. The DTS is arguably the most powerful piece in all of the taxi industry.

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Right now is the most important time on the taxi industry, ever! With all of the changes happening around taxi we need leadership and direction. The all new and improved teamsters is here! This is not the old teamsters that you may remember.

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Make More $$$ with Taxi

Now is the best Time! As a driver you will soon have the opportunity to make lots more money driving a taxi. We can simply work together and we will make more money together. Unity and teamwork is the way. There has been lots of talking over the years, but now is the time for action. Lets make money.


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We are here to give the drivers the information they have been asking for. The drivers want transparency, we are going to give it to them.